Frankie Koa & Ash 

                                              Hi Girls, 

Time is precious! Spring has come and gone and Summer is just around the corner. Time really flies! Today I want to show you my newest pick- the JORD Frankie Koa & Ash watch. I have teamed up with JORD watches so that you all may get the chance to get your very own wooden watch! Stay tuned for an upcoming giveaway! Read below on why I have fallen in love with my JORD watch


I was so happy to find this watch as it is literally the essence of minimalism.  The coupling of an ash face and the brilliantly bronzed Koa grain is such a clean and versatile look. The straight line strap is so comfortable and the uncomplicated face allows focus. 


A timepiece is a symbol of punctuality - even if i am ALWAYS 10 minutes late. To be honest, I have always been one to not wear a watch, thats what I have my phone for right? Wrong. This watch changed my mind. The neutral color and minimal look of the watch face and wristbands allows you to fit your watch to literally any outfit. 


Especially on trips I never like having to take so many different watches or jewels when weight is an issue and you are trying to minimize what you bring.  This versatile watch is perfect solution to make sure your accessories match every outfit. =) 


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