Joelle Raquel



I was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand and lived there in the beautiful land of smiles for eleven years. 

I am a twenty three year old gal currently living in Michigan with my two cats, Gigi and Neko. I am obsessed with rice eating and traveling. When I am not traveling and thinking about fashion I am with family and friends laughing as much as I can. 

Everyday I dress to my mood and enjoy experimenting with what I feel that day. My favorite kind of fashion are the outfits that comes easy with not too much thought put into it! My style is unplanned, and is generally a reflection of my mood. I don't have a concrete approach to my blog other than just following my current mood day to day. 

I find fashion inspiration through so many things, people on the street, tv shows, and magazines but I will always stay true to what I love and feel that day.

 Oh, and I also love to write, when life slows down enough to journal my thoughts I'll post them here to share with you. My hope is that my writing, meditations & experiences may remind you to slow down, and to notice the simple joys in life.

I can't thank you enough for stopping by and viewing what inspires me most!

If you have any questions or just want to chat, please email me at 




Yireh Ari Bells & Gypsy LA Dreamcatcher Bralette


Ari Bells: Guys! I am currently obsessed with these pants! They take months to produce because of the special embroider process, and on top of that the embroidering is all done by a local Balinese family business! The sides of the pants are embroidered and make its way up the leg. The extra flare at the bottom of the pant leg is so unique and very figure flattering.

Dreamcatcher Bralette: Love this cutout seamless bralette. Its 92% cotton and 8% spandex making it very breathable and comfortable. I love the pattern on the bralette and wear it as a crop top which is amazing as it serves two purposes as a bralette + an adorable crop top!




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