Life is loud

Life is loud. And it's been hard to remember to be mindful when all around me, all things are storming. But, we are oceans. No matter how tumultuous the surface there will always be a placid calm deep under. I must remember to dive deep down, past the edge of the storm, into that still, quiet place. I am learning while in the mist of that heated, stressful moment to look up. Breath. And realize that this very moment is what I have in my hands, to mold and shape. For only I can control what I chose to feel and react to the situation. By gently washing away the stress, tension, fear, anger and confusion I'm learning to regain that connection to that higher power.  It's hard I know. I need to find that balance. And I know I can have both-Life loud, chaotic and messy. Life calm, still, and perfectly organized. It's a process and who knows it probably will never happen…..

joelle griswold